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CNC Milling Machines: These machines use rotating cutting tools to remove material from a workpiece, creating precise shapes and features. They can be

categorized further:

➤ 3-axis CNC Mills: These offer basic functionality, allowing movement along the X, Y, and Z axes.

➤ 4-axis CNC Mills: They add a rotary (A-axis) movement, allowing for complex angles and undercuts.

➤ 5-axis CNC Mills: These offer the most versatility, with additional axes (B & C) for complex 3D machining.

CNC Turning Machines (Lathes): These machines rotate the workpiece while a stationary cutting tool removes material, primarily used for creating cylindrical shapes and features.

CNC Lathes: For basic turning operations.

CNC Turning Centers: Offer additional capabilities like milling and drilling.

CNC Grinding Machines: These use abrasive wheels to remove material with high precision, often used for finishing and creating smooth surfaces.

CNC Drilling and Tapping Machines: These machines are specialized for creating precise holes of specific sizes and threads.

CNC Routers: These use various cutting tools to remove material from sheet metal, wood, and plastics, often used for sign making and other tasks requiring precise cuts.

Based on Automation Level:


CNC Machining Centers: These are highly automated machines that can perform multiple machining operations (milling, drilling, tapping) with minimal operator intervention.

CNC Turning Centers: As mentioned above, these offer additional functionalities beyond basic turning.
Additional Types:

➤ CNC Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM): Uses electrical spark discharges to erode material, allowing for intricate shapes and machining of hard materials.

➤ Laser Cutting and Engraving Machines: Utilize laser beams to cut, engrave, and mark materials with high precision.


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